OCL business associates is a professional corporate services company in East Africa. OCL business associates helps corporate and private clients seamlessly advance their business &interests in difficult to navigate markets in East Africa.

We have a genuine on- the- ground presence in all East Africa countries hardest –to-navigate markets. By staying on top of regulatory changes, we help our clients manage local governments and administrative compliance issues quickly, with a minimum of fuss.

At OCL business associates we are active in all East Africa markets. We aspire to become Africa premier corporate service firm elevating the standards of corporate governance everywhere we operate. Confidently extend your operations to one of East Africa largest consumer markets with the help of our expert expansion services. We know the markets across a broad range of industries to assist you to start your expansion into East Africa and the region on the right foot.

Whether you are choosing East Africa for commercial purposes or as a foothold for your operations in East Africa, or anything in between, our specialized solutions will make your expansion simpler.

We have an active presence in multiple countries across the region, making dealing with multi-jurisdiction governance & administration seamless. With our specialized services covering all parts of the journey – from advising on the right structuring through forming a new entity to proactively meeting all statutory requirements – you can rest assured your portfolio is handled professionally and to the highest international standards in every country and Seamlessly operate your foreign business to the highest governance standards.

Staying compliant in East Africa can be quite challenging, especially if you are running your operations in other jurisdictions as well or performing complex cross-border transactions.

Our compliance team is here to help with a complete outsourcing solution. We are multi-disciplinary experts with experience spanning across legal, accounting, finance, HR and tax fields. By staying on top of regulatory changes and all your compliance wherever business takes you, we will help you manage local governmental and administrative compliance issues quickly, with a minimum of fuss.

We provide market entry compliances and advisory services in East Africa. Contact OCL business associates services for company registration, WFOE registration, tax compliance, audit& finance, HR outsourcing and business consulting.