South Sudan is a landlocked country located in the Sahel region of north eastern Africa. It’s a member of the east Africa community(EAC).

OCL business associates offers comprehensive company registration services to foreign companies wishing to enter and set up in South Sudan market. When establishing a company in South Sudan an interested investor must do due diligence with legal processes, international regulations and sufficient investment for success. It is critical to understand cultural, Social and political factors that will affect the establishment of the business.

The corporate vehicle most commonly used by entrepreneurs is the South Sudan limited liability company. Foreign corporates looking to do business in South Sudan are also permitted to set up permanent establishment in the form of a branch office or a representative office. The South Sudan limited liability company is commonly used for setting up businesses in South Sudan.

Company registration in South Sudan is guided by South Sudan company act 2012 which states that a limited liability company can be established by one shareholder, one director who may be of any nationality. There is no minimum share capital for a local limited liability company.

Foreign companies are permitted to register a local branch of their oversea company. This is only possible in industries fully open to foreign investment. The branch office is not considered a separate legal entity from its parent company and thereby abides by laws of South Sudan and its country of origin. The branch must appoint at least one representative of nationality to officially represent the company in South Sudan.

The South Sudan companies act allows foreign companies to register representative offices in South Sudan. A representative office much specifies at incorporation the scope of its operations in South Sudan and abide by those specifics.

Foreign corporations are permitted to repatriate their profits overseas free of capital controls, as long as they comply with local tax obligations. South Sudan incorporated company are permitted to carry over their business tax losses for a maximum of five years.

A foreigner can register and own a company in South Sudan but cannot own the company 100%. They will need to cede at least 31% to a local person. The government of South Sudan has a platform managed by the business registration services(BRS) which improve the easy of doing business in South Sudan. The brs facilitates registration of companies in South Sudan.

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