Every limited company must have at least one director. If a limited company has only one director, he or she must be a human being – not another company. A public limited company (or “plc”) must have at least two directors (One must be a human being, the other can be another company)

What documents are required for appointment of directors

There are documents that should accompany the appointment of directors. These documents include:

A written consent from the director to work in that capacity,

A notice of appointment of directors and their particular (CR6)

A notice of residential address/change of address of the director (CR 8)

Dully signed Board minutes signed stamped by the company secretary if in attendance

CR 20 for allotted shares

If the proposed director will be getting shares, there is need for the share transfer franked by the bank. It should also have KRA slips.

For Public companies
The appointment will require all the above mentioned documents not forgetting the below documents:

A company resolution (CR 19)

The secretary to sign stamp a notice for an AGM to appoint the director(s).

Financial statements.

Contact ocl business associates for director appointment in a private limited company and a public limited company.