Business Name Registrations are commonly referred to as Sole Proprietorships, BN2, or Partnerships and are Registered under the Business Names Act. This is the most common business registration process for small businesses and Partnerships in Kenya.

You may register a Business name in Kenya as a sole proprietorship or a partnership to conduct your Business in Kenya. A Business name registration is normally registered for a single line of Business or a specific Business as opposed to a limited company where you may conduct multiple lines of businesses.

We do assist you in the application and registration of your Business name registration in a fast and prompt manner without travelling and less paperwork.

Requirements for Business Name Registration.

  • Proposed Business three name for name search approval.
  • The nature of Business / activities the business shall undertake.
  • Names of the Proprietor/s in Full.
  • Postal address for the Business Name.
  • Proposed Physical address of the Business.
  • Address includes Name of road, Plot number, town, county.
  • Copy of ID / Passport of the Proprietor or Partners.
  • Passport photo of the Proprietor/s.
  • Copy of PIN certificate of the Proprietor/s or partner/s.
  • A Business Name registration will take an average of 3 days


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