Register your business in Kenya

Greetings from OCL business associates! Hope you are doing well.

I would like to introduce our company OCL business associates situated in Nairobi Kenya with affiliate offices in all the East African countries.

OCL business associates is a focused corporate services specialist with genuine ground presence in all of Kenya hardest to navigate markets. We know how to navigate the complexities and challenges of the regional regulatory environment to make your Kenyan and east Africa expansion compliant and seamless possible.

The online transformation for business across the world is high. OCL business associates helps clients seamlessly and profitably do business online in Kenya with a range of cutting edge e-commerce business services and solutions.

If you are distributing goods, manufacturing goods or running an online store and wants to increase sales, make sales to East African countries, we can provide tailor made solutions to support your e-commerce business in Kenya and the larger East Africa region.

Easily set up, manage and advance your business in Kenya by having your e-commerce company registered, e-commerce website set up, online banking set up, online mobile money payment integration set up and warehouse unit set up.


For you to sell in Kenya through the e-commerce platform, you are required to do the following:

1.Company registration

2.E-commerce website set up banking account set up

4.Online mobile money payment integration set up

  1. Warehouse unit

6.Delivery services

1.Company registration

There are various options for an individual /foreign company has with regards to establishing a presence here in Kenya. These are:

-Registration of a new company

-Registration of a subsidiary company of the main foreign company

-Opening a registered branch of the parent company

The companies Act No 17 of 2015 of the laws of Kenya is the main statutory provision for all companies in Kenya and by extension registration of a company by a foreigner in Kenya.

We apply for your company registration with the registrar of companies, get cr 12 certificate, Kenya revenue authority tax number, county trading license and tax compliance certificate.

We make sure that your new company meets the required statutory legal compliance before you start trading.


2.E-commerce website set up

We create a custom digital solution to help you grow online authority and generate more online leads and sales for your company.

We provide website design services that aligns with your brand, business, industry and your target market. We build websites that sells and helps your brand find online success.

We create digital marketing strategies that focus on brand awareness, engagement and conversion. Our digital marketing includes search engine optimization(SEO), content marketing and google ads.

We create digital marketing strategies that focus on brand awareness, engagement and conversion.

We help brands put into effects social media ads strategy to shares information that aligns with the business goals and objectives. We offer social media marketing services for Facebook, YouTube, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.


3.Online banking account set up

We will approach our partner bank for your company bank account opening. We will make sure the company has bank account with online banking and internet banking facilities. The company will have both the Kenya shilling account and the dollar account created.

Internet banking is safe and secure, offering convenience while giving you control over your finances anytime and anywhere. Pay your utilities, transfer money to another account, covert your money to a different currency and access your statements at the comfort of your internet enabled device.


  1. Online mobile money payment account set up

We offer customized payment solutions for your business to accept online, mobile and in-store payments by having M-pesa as a payment option in your business .M-pesa is Africa’s most successful mobile money service and the region’s largest platform. M-pesa is the preferred way to make payments across the Africa continent both for the banked and unbanked due to its safety and unmatched convenience. It also provides finances services to millions of people who have mobile phones, but do not have bank accounts, or have limited access to banking services.

M-pesa provides more than 60 million customers across seven countries in Africa with a safe, secure and affordable way to send and receive money, make bill payments and receive salaries.

User can load their M-pesa accounts with money and then make domestic and international payments, money transfer, purchase goods or make money into pay bill/till numbers.

We approach safaricom company for the company till numbers and pay bill. M-pesa integration is the process of syncing M-pesa web API with the website, app or system to enable automation of payments verification, disbursements, and payment record management. We help you accept payments from your customers straight into your online store via M-pesa which is the transmitted into the company banks accounts


5.Warehouse unit

OCL business associates enhance efficiency of your supply chain and get your products faster to market. Our scalable warehousing and distribution services can help you transport, manage and power your logistics from end-to end and makes your products easily accessible to your customers.

We take care of your end to end warehousing and distribution logistics, from your business premises to our storage facilities, capable to fulfil your customers’ demands. We simplify and connect your supply chain from end to end.

We store your goods in our standardized closed system warehouses which are clean with 24/7 professional security guard and CCTV system. We provide product insurance in case of damage or loss of your products.

We provide our clients with all last mile logistics services at a cheaper rate than all of our logistics competitors. We partner with all the major logistics companies which lead to cheaper price compared to when you directly contact them.

Using our inventory management system, you will be able to access real time inventories level through your mobile phone or computer.

Our focus is managing your end to end fulfillment cycle, enabling you to focus on growing your business. We store your stock, pick and ship to your clients while giving you real time visibility every step of the way.

Rent the storage size you need, for flexible periods, centrally located, for flexible payments and with insurance for each storage unit provided.


6.Delivery services

We have contracted delivery services from trusted rider who can help deliver your goods to your customer after they purchase online. The rider will receive the products from the warehouse and deliver to the customer. The customer will pay for the delivery services.


7.Accounting and legal compliance services

We coordinate with tax authorities, prepare and submit monthly VAT returns, coordinate and issue legal invoices and prepare end of year income tax returns. We have online accounting software for cash flow management, invoicing, banking, inventory, report generation, VAT compliance and everything else accounting.

Our integrated accounting software packages are designed with your company in mind. With our financial software, you can easily create detailed reports, monitor profits and losses, send professional invoices to clients, process VAT and global payments.

Our flexible and compliant online accounting system gives you access to key financial information whenever you need it, from anywhere.


For any queries, feel free to contact me at +254746522216

We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and success for all concerned.