The democratic republic of Congo is home to extraordinary mineral wealth, from copper to gold and diamonds. The democratic republic of Congo is often considered one of the most challenging business environment in the world. Years of corruption, exploitation and mismanagement, as well as political and economic tensions and conflict have left the country impoverished.   There is a gap in the market that foreign investors are keen to fill. Starting a business in the country is relatively easy, a hopeful sign for future investing and entrepreneurship.

When choosing a joint venture partner or a director shareholder, you should choose a partner who has a lot to bring to your company. He/she should have the local information, resources and be knowledgeable about the local laws regulations and customs.

Companies intending to start in Congo should be aware that Congo statistics and market data are usually very important, that transactions tend to take longer than expected. This will require and complex business procedures. We recommend research and market survey.

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